Come. Relax. Let Us Relieve Your Tension.

Our Purpose:

Here at Gaslamp Thai Massage Therapy (GTMT) we provide:

  • Gentle, relaxing massages intended to soothe and calm overactive emotions resulting from tension and anxiety (Swedish Massage)
  • Muscle-loosening massages intended to relieve sore, aching muscles, connecting tissue and nerves (Deep Tissue, Thai massage and Sports Massage)
  • Foot Massages that will make your tired, painful feet feel a whole lot better
  • Chair Massages that allow our therapist to focus on Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Back.

If your tendons and ligaments feel sprung,

If your musculature feels taut,

If your balance feels off,

and you’re feeling anything but relaxed,

we know just how to fix it.  We do it every day.


Meet Our Team

“YAYA” completed her massage therapist training at Victory Career College, Los Angeles, in May 2014.  In June 2014 she obtained her California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) certification – CMT certificate number 57647.

Yaya received superb reviews while working as a Massage Therapist in spas in Laguna Beach, Solana Beach, La Jolla and San Diego.

In October 2017 she opened Gaslamp Thai Massage Therapy with her husband, Nash.

Yaya also graduated from Rajabhat Culinary School in Ubon-Ratchathani, Thailand, and is a certified chef.

Husband Nash is Co-Owner and Business Manager of Gaslamp Thai Massage Therapy, LLC.

A US military veteran, he retired from the Aerospace Industry in September 2017 after 27 years, and he and Yaya started this business enterprise.

A San Diego area native, Nash grew up in Alpine (about 35 miles inland) but has lived in many different places in the US and around the world including Philadelphia, PA, Dutch Harbor, AK, West Palm Beach, FL, Iceland, Japan, Bahrain, Brunei, Singapore and Niger.

Perfectly pleasant in public, but sometimes secretly sullen. Pointlessly literate. A social and fiscal conservative who believes that those of us with more should be doing more for those of us with less. Pleased to meet you.

SSFThe Certified Massage Therapists at Gaslamp Thai Massage Therapy:

BEE is the most experienced. Formerly a Massage Instructor in Thailand, she has kindly agreed to help us in an “on-call” basis.  She consistently gets very favorable customer reviews.

Ms. SOPAK owns a portion of the largest and busiest Thai Massage businesses in the area.  How lucky that she’s available in our shop much of the time


Ms. PIM will be available most days after she returns in May from a two-month trip home to visit her family in Thailand.

Deceptively strong for his young age (26) and compact stature, J.J. may or may not be available on any given day. We can always call and ask.

Occasionally THANYA stops in to work. And we’re always delighted when she does.